Electrical Tips

Reducing Your Electricity Bill

There are many different ways to reduce your electricity bill for the month, which is especially important in Florida during the summer when costs often skyrocket with electricity in the sweltering heat. First and foremost, keeping your equipment running properly is a big help to keeping your costs down. This means cleaning your air filters on a regular basis, both for central air and for any individual window and wall units, as dirt and dust can hinder the air flow and reduce efficiency of thes...

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Reasons You May Need to Rewire Your Home

As your home ages, eventually it will need some repair work, and this may include rewiring the entire house . This is especially true of older homes with their original electrical work still in place. If your home is in need of rewiring, it is better to call an electrician sooner than later, as eventually it could become a serious electrical emergency . Here are some signs that your home may need rewiring: First, you may need rewiring if you have fuses that are blowing regularly. Fuses that need...

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Easy Ways to Reduce Your Electric Bill In 2012

Whether you rent or own your own home, you definitely want to keep costs of electricity down – especially as the Florida winter months start to kick in and temperatures start to drop, causing heaters to kick in.There are plenty of simple, easy ways to save on your electricity bill that cost almost nothing. Have you ever wondered what the biggest costs are to electricity in your home?A recent study by the 2010 Buildings Energy Data book listed the following, respectively: Space Heating Wate...

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Electrical Tips: Fixing Your Home Wall Switch

There are many different types of light switches in your home that can go to controlling your light fixtures or electrical outlets. There are single pole switches that can control things from a single location, three-way switches that control lighting our outlets from two locations that are popular in larger homes or with more complicated room situations , and even four way switches that may be used to control switches from three or more locations in the home. If your switch stops switching and ...

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Electrical Safety Tips

While rare, electrical fires can happen, and other similar problems caused by electricity-related issues. It is important to keep in mind some safety tips when considering electrical repairs and problems in your home. When dealing with the electrical system itself, you should first make sure that all electrical outlets and switches are covered by faceplates and that these are in good condition and not cracked. All electrical outlets in bathrooms should also have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters...

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Understanding the Basics of Electrical Repair

While electrical wires and pipes bringing water in your home might seem as different as can be, they actually have a lot of parallels that can help you better understand do it yourself electrical repair . Water enters your home under pressure through a pipe and when you turn on the tap, it flows at a certain rate; electricity enters your home through wires and when you flip a switch, it flows at a certain rate. Because electricity is meant to power things in your home, unlike water, it is calcul...

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