Reasons You May Need to Rewire Your Home

Thursday, July 12, 2012

As your home ages, eventually it will need some repair work, and this may include rewiring the entire house.  This is especially true of older homes with their original electrical work still in place.  If your home is in need of rewiring, it is better to call an electrician sooner than later, as eventually it could become a serious electrical emergency.  Here are some signs that your home may need rewiring:

First, you may need rewiring if you have fuses that are blowing regularly.  Fuses that need to be constantly replaced are not necessarily a sign of a faulty fuse, but rather, a sign of faulty wiring.  There is too much power flowing through the circuits, which causes the fuse to blow.  On a related note, the second sign your home might need to be rewired are circuit breakers that constantly trip.  Constant tripping of the circuit breakers is common due to power surges during heavy thunderstorms, tropical storms, or hurricanes, but these should not occur on a regular basis.  If you are losing power or tripping the circuit breaker often during good weather, your home will likely need the attention of an electrician.

Next, old wires can be a sign that your home needs to be rewired.  Old wiring can be a serious safety hazard as it can cause electrical fires, and an inspection by a trained electrician will be able to help determine which wires need to be replaced in order for you to power your home efficiently and safely.  Finally, homes that are not properly grounded electrically will also need to be rewired.  If you suspect that your home was not grounded properly, contact your local Miami electrician today to inspect the home and figure out the best plan of action for your wiring so it can be a safe household.

Superior Electrical 7/12/2012

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