UPS System

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305.477.6328Similarly to the idea of a power generator, an Uninterruptable Power Supply, or UPS system, is a power supply that runs on a battery rather than local electrics. This allows you to maintain power, usually to computer equipment, even if an outage strikes your area. This is particularly useful for commercial and business establishments that will need to continue business even after a power outage. Superior Electrical can help you set up your home or business with these systems so you’ll never have to deal with the crash following a power outage.

Most commonly, a UPS system is used with computer equipment to maintain power until data can be saved from current projects and you can shut down the computer peacefully rather than jarring it like a power outage might. Superior Electrical specializes in all things electric and offers a wide variety of equipment and installation services so that the energy keeps flowing. Call or come in today and let us help you turn on the lights and amp up the power!