Pine Crest Electrician

Call For Immediate Service 305.477.6328 Serving the Miami / Pine Crest area since 1976, we are very familiar with the electrical service in Pinecrest and adjacent areas, but we know electrical projects can be tricky. This is why we initiate our work by performing a Pinecrest electrical inspection to make sure that we understand your needs and meet or exceed your expectations according to your area. By doing so, we can get a better understanding of the necessary work and in turn give you a heads up of the potential costs. You won’t find any hidden fees here. Superior Electrical means to keep the trust and respect of their clients by doing a good job at a fair price.

Our mobile units are able to handle all types of electrical repairs in Pinecrest and whether you are calling for a simple evaluation or in need of emergency electrical services, we are just a call away. From major appliance hookups to fuses and circuit breakers, we know how to deal with all them and can do so professionally and effeciently. We can handle just about all of the arising electrical emergencies that you may encounter.

Pinecrest is a suburban village in Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States. Pinecrest is governed by a five member Village Council and operates under the Council-Manager form of government.